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Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Date With Mrs. Smith

I went and saw Mr & Mrs Smith last night! Damn Angelina is HOT! I would let those lips roam all over my body hmm hmm hmm. I couldn't stop grinning during the movie, all I kept thinking was, I wanna see more skin!!

HOT HOT HOT!! I seriously recommend it! The chemistry between them is so intense... I was right, too. By the time I got home, I slid my hand inside my panties and they were quite moist! I didn't get to have any hot & wild sex though :( BUT... hopefully tonight will be better. I'm meeting that other woman tonight from the Swinger Site that I mentioned yesterday. She wants to take pictures of the both of us, so if it comes to that, I'll be sure to post them!

The married guy that I mentioned meeting at the Pier about a week ago sent me this loooong email today. He told me that he was wearing his wife's panties and that she almost caught him. I think he gets turned on by the risk involved too. I know sex in public is always more intense, because there is always that risk there.

Here's Some More Pics of Real Men in Panties:

Friday, June 10, 2005

It's The Weekend

Hey guys, the weekend is here, can't wait to have some fun!! I'm going to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight! I can't wait! Angelina gets me so damn hot and bothered, my ass is gonna be stuck to the theatre seat before my popcorn has a chance to reach room temp! :) hehehe

These panties are going to be dripping wet, maybe I'll have to put them up for sale! I'm also going to meet up with this sexy woman from this swinger site that I've been having pretty good luck with. The last girl was really fun, I can't wait to meet this new one. I'll be sure to write all about it, don't worry! But why sit home and read my about my adventures on a friday night? Come on guys, go make some of your own!!


Ok, ok, if you insist on sitting there and jerking off tonight, I'll at least be nice enough to leave you with something to help get those juices flowing. Here's a few hotties that I came across today:

Gorgeous Brunette in Pink Bikini, strips poolside!
Cute Blond in school girl outfit & white panties
Shyla is pink garter and pantyhose (HOT!)
Taylor Gets a Facial (hardcore)
Sunrise loves to suck cock (hardcore)

Ok, if you've gotten this far and you STILL haven't gotten off yet and need to release some tension, CALL ME!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

BBW Panties

I'm curious how many men really prefer fuller shaped woman? Come on guys, who likes their woman with a little more meat on their bones?? I think there is something sooo sexy about a woman with some curves, full hips, a nice round ass, and a full set of tits! I love seeing a nice full ass in a sexy thong, the cheeks firm and full on either side of the material!

I found a new BBW dating site, and a shitload of free pics. I'll list some of them here. Let me know which one is your favorite!! The last one is by far my favorite! No peeking guys, I saved the best for last! Hmm those tits look so firm & full, wow! I do prefer a shaved pussy though! I keep mine shaved and don't want to stick my tongue in anything that's not well maintained!

Sexy Black BBW in black panties
Tattooed BBW in black lace panties
Curvy redhead in red panties
Thick Blond in red panties
Curvy Ebony strips off white thong
Thick redhead in blue panties
Curvy Blond in white stockings
Thick brunette in plaid shirt showing her ass
Sexy dark hair & monster sized titties!

If you'd like to own some WORN BBW Panties, check out Sinful Auctions. Panties worn by real woman and delivered DISCREETLY to your door!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Taxi Cab Confessions

Ok, I have a little confession I'd like to make. Hopefully a certain person WON'T read this article. When I first met a certain friend of mine, we used to have AMAZING sex! The minute I'd get to his house, he'd be hot & ready to go, pulling my jeans off me before I even got through the door, throwing me down on the staircase and fucking me with my panties still on. If I did manage to make it into the livingroom, he'd have me bent over the couch, panties pulled to one side, and his cock sliding into my pussy, before I could even set my purse down.

BUT... then, he got a roommate :( At first it put a damper into the sexual side of our friendship. We no longer could enjoy hot sweaty sessions on the couch or livingroom floor. All activities were kept to the bedroom and kept to a minimum noise level :(

Then something really exciting happened. The bedroom door was left slightly ajar one evening and while I was on the bed, I was in my thong, on my knees, sucking on his cock. There is a mirror on the wall next to the bed and when I looked up I could see his roommate in the next room. He was pouring himself a drink but I could see he was facing the open doorway. I moved a little so that I knew he could see me sucking his roommate's cock. He made several more trips into the kitchen that night as well, each time I was sure to give him a good show.

A few weeks later I was staying the weekend and the next door neighbors car alarm wouldn't stop going off. I went out into the livingroom in my t-shirt and thong and was watching the police car's line up out front. I nearly jumped a foot when his roommate came up behind me and said, "what's going on." I said, "woah, I thought you were sleeping" and pulled my shirt down so that he couldn't see my ass cheeks. He didn't seem to mind. When I went back to bed, I left the door open even further and didn't put the covers over me. I knew when he went to the kitchen he could see in, and see my legs, my back, and my ass in my thong.

A few weeks back I was there and was in the bathroom. I had just finished and flushed, and apparently he waited a few seconds and thought I had left the bathroom already, but I was still in there. I had taken off my jeans to jump on the scale and as soon as I stepped off the scale he came through the door behind me. My jeans weren't close enough to me, to cover up with. He apologized and I said, its ok. I put my jeans on and went out to the other room. I couldn't wait to ravage his roommate!

I get so hot each time he catches a glimpse of me in my panties, my cheeks flush. I'm sure he thinks its from embarrassment and the sheer accident of it all, but its because I'm so aroused, I can't stand it. I'll be visiting again soon, I made sure to buy a few new pair of panties, I'll have to make sure his roommate catches a glimpse or two of each new pair!

I don't know what it is about upskirt pics that really get me turned on, is it because the person doesn't know, or is it because the person EXPOSING themselves wants you to think THEY don't know you can see them?!? Here's a few pics of some 'upskirt' pics. You be the judge, did she intentionally wear that outfit to show off her ass, or is she an innocent victim of public exposure?!?!?

Cutie in blue sundress
Wild college girls caught on tape
White panties, upskirt view
Milf in skirt, white panties
Cute blond in plaid skirt & stockings